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Free Online Zombie Games

The free online zombies games are by far some of the most popular flash free online zombie games that you can find on the internet. The reason why this is happening is because the zombies’ movies are very popular all over the world. The free online zombie games can be very fun because no matter on what side you are the action will never stop. You can be an infected zombie and you will get points for infecting other people or you can be on the other side of the barricade and run for your life in order not to get infected by other zombie. Most of these games will allow you to use different guns in order to protect yourself from the zombie and things are going to be very similar to what is happening in the zombie action movies, you have to hit the head of the zombie.

I just can’t believe that there are people who do not love to play a zombie movie once in a while. You will just have a lot of fun the moment you start to chop up some zombies heads. However you must be aware that these online zombie games are addictive and the moment you will start playing, you will never want to stop.

The zombies are fictional creatures that you are usually going to find in books, movies and around the pop culture. Just like the vampires the zombies are humans that are already dead and yet they have been reanimated and they have managed to come back to life. The zombies however don’t have a mind of their own and they are usually controlled by a super natural power which is usually planning to take over the planet Earth. The zombies have been around for a really long time and they have been made popular thanks to the movie of George A. Romero, in the year 1968: “The night of the living dead”.

Before the zombies were made popular with the help of movies and books, the original version of this concept is originated back in the West Africa, where the voodoo culture is telling that an influential and wicked wizard is able to get into the dead people’s mind and start to control them.

The free online zombie games are usually very simple and all you have to do in order to play them is to chop off the head of zombies. Some of them will require you to be a zombie, but the vast majority of the online zombie games will put you in the skin of a healthy player where the mission of the game is either to chop as many zombies alive or to stay alive for a certain amount of time or to reach a certain destination.

Overall the zombie games can be very entertaining and thanks to the fact that they can be played easily on any computer, you will find it a lot easier to actually enjoy these games. You can either play them straight from your browser as you are connected to the internet. And there you have also the opportunity to download the free online games zombie and play them later on even if you are not connected to the internet.

The moment you want to start playing the free zombie games you will need to click on any of the games that you see above this article, there you will not need to download or install anything. These free zombie games are flash games and therefore you will only need your browser and the latest version of flash.



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